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Water rescue at Slater's Pit, Lowestoft
written by Alerter - the firefighters blog on the 07th July 2017 at 12:53

As always, when shouts have been thin on the ground, my alerter going into overdrive sends me up in the air like a cartoon character. Thankfully, as I hit the ground, my legs are spinning like Billy the Whizz!

2017-07-03 17.24.00Over to the Fire Station to find we're going to a water rescue incident barely a few hundreds from the station, as the crow flies, but well over a mile by how the fire engine drives...

Within minutes we're pulling up behind the ERT and water rescue van plus a gaggle of police vehicles, paramedic's car and ambulance.

Now Slater's Pit is best described as a large pond surrounded by plants and of indeterminate depth set in open ground on a housing estate.

Emergency services were called when a man that lives close by heard someone calling out from the direction of the Pit. On investigating her saw someone in the mud and went off to make the 999 call. When he returned the female had disappeared from view.

Two Swiftwater Rescue Technicians from the Watch got suited and booted and made their way to search the area. Four other firefighters including Ben Horne and Ollie Denby from S16P3 (North Lowestoft) dressed in floodsuits to enable them to search the edges of the Pit.

2017-07-03 17.07.51The Air Ambulance arrived and carried out a couple of slow passes to see if they could spot anything from their vantage point. They then set down on the open grassed area close to Slater's Pit.

While the searching firefighters inched their way round the area we got the inflatable boat ready to launch. This then did a search of the water and surrounding vegetation - all to no avail.

Crews searched for well over an hour after which it was confirmed that the female had left the water before we all turned up.

Time then to decontaminate all the gear before making it up and heading back to the fire station.

For us at North Lowestoft Fire Station it's unusual to get directly involved in a water rescue job. It was good to get hands on experience of the kit and how these incidents progress...

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