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Lowestoft firefighters sing Christmas carols for charity
written by Alerter - the firefighters blog on the 23rd December 2018 at 15:04

"It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas"


It's that time of year when we serenade the good people of Lowestoft with the perennial Christmas favourites of carols and songs.

For the first time I was handed the Choir Masters baton to lead our motley crew in their two hour segue through all things festive.

From Silent Night to the crowd's favourite, 12 Days of Christmas, and everything in between we entertained the Christmas shoppers and gave them something to smile about.

And all in aid of a good cause or two.

We were raising funds for The Fire Fighters Charity and Pathways Care Farm.

And a big, BIG thank you must go to the generous people of Lowestoft who put pounds, pennies and notes into our buckets. The total coming in at over £1300!

Chuffed doesn't get close to how pleased we all were with that fabulous amount.

I was chuffed too.

Because... Never before in the field of firefighting has one firefighter issued orders to so many white helmets. At the last count it was three Watch Commanders, two Station Commanders, a Group Commander and the Chief. I could get used to this Choir Master malarkey...

It's not too late to donate. 

Head over to our Just Giving page and donate anything from £1 upwards - it really does make a difference. [Please note: online donations go just to The Fire Fighters Charity]

We had a compliment too...

Little old lady: My dear, you have the voices of angels!

Me: Aww, thank you.

Little old lady: Yes, Hell's Angels...

You can't win 'em all!

Merry Christmas everyone. Stay safe!

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