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Gorton Reds stage dramatic station accident to give students insight into work
written by News on the 14th November 2012 at 0:00

THE daunting prospect of giving first aid to someone involved in an incident is one that firefighters face every day - so crews helped students from a local college gain an understanding of such huge responsibilities by getting them to face the same the same thing.

Crews staged a number of scenarios for college students to learn from during a recent visit to Gorton Fire Station.

Gorton Red Watch firefighters threw open the doors for students off the Public Service Course at The Manchester College so they could find out how local crews serve the community.

The firefighters put on an exhausting amount for students to see and hear about in one visit to ensure they understood not just what goes on at a station but some of the wider issues in the county, and even nationally, that effect what Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service does.


Watch Manager Ken Booth said: "The visit was intended to give the students an insight into the everyday life of a firefighter.

"We discussed entry and recruitment requirements, the impact of funding cuts in the public services, basic and probationary training, the watch structure, promotion, station life, community work, the fire engines and equipment, breathing apparatus and first aid and what trauma technicians do.

"We finished off by presenting the students with a trauma scenario to see how well they had listened during the visit and if they could put it into practice.

"Initially, they were a bit over-awed by but with a little encouragement from our Trauma Technicians Mark Humphries and Stu Brown they soon got into the swing of things."



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