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Rare Tornado strikes Bury
written by News on the 13th February 2017 at 0:00

A RARE Tornado Fighter Jet has been donated to the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service for their Training and Safety Centre in Bury.


The multi-million pound, state of the art training facility will help firefighters train for a whole range of incidents and other scenarios that could potentially happen in Greater Manchester.

The tornado jet is just one of many scenarios being set up at the training site to help give firefighters realistic training of the highest quality to help keep local communities safer.

Reaching supersonic mach 2 speeds of up to 1,300 miles per hour, this masterpiece of aviation will sit in a carefully fabricated plane crash scenario, involving a partially demolished house.


Chris Wilson from Jet Art aviation who installed the facility said: “This F2 plane which was built in 1984 was donated by the Royal Air Force and will now serve as a training facility for firefighters and other emergency services, to help saves lives and keep the public safe.”

“This historic aircraft, the first of only 18 built, last flew in 2004 and was dismantled and decommissioned in 2015.”

Project Manager Sean Booth said: "The reason we’re installing this is so we can carry out or operational procedures should we ever have an aircraft come down in Greater Manchester."

"We’re putting it next to our collapsed structures, so the scenario looks as though the plane has come down and hit the buildings."


Not only will this state of the art facility train our firefighters, the safety centre will also serve as an interactive experience for school children to learn about how to keep themselves and their communities safe.

The training centre is due to open this spring.

You can see a full gallery of images on our Flickr site HERE.



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