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Lancashire Colleagues Get a Sniff of New GMFRS Training Site
written by News on the 10th March 2017 at 0:00

MANCHESTER search and rescue dogs Ace and Eric had a guest at the new Bury training site this week (w/c 6/3) when they welcomed Sid, the search and rescue dog from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service.

The handlers and their dogs were put through their paces with some training exercises which included searching for potential casualties in the surrounding buildings.

Mike Dewar, Dog Unit Manager at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: “It was great to welcome Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service to Bury, we always enjoy the opportunity to work with our neighbours.

“The facilities at our Bury training site are some of the best that you can get and offer the dogs a very realistic space to train in. Meeting our colleagues from Lancashire gave us a fantastic chance to share knowledge and experience with each other.

“We’re always happy to welcome other services to the centre and work with them to develop our skills.”

Dean Nankivell, Group Manager said: “These exercises are really important and a useful way for us to develop our skills in realistic scenarios. The handlers and their fire and rescue dogs all performed really well and the day has been a real success.”

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