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Fire at Gayton Road, Bawsey - extinguished
written by Norfolk Fire Service on the 01st December 2017 at 10:32

01 December 2017

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS), the Borough of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk, the Environment Agency and Norfolk Police have issued an update on the situation at Bawsey, King’s Lynn:

  • NFRS has been working hard during daylight hours and into early evenings and the fire has now been successfully extinguished


  • As with all fires, now that the site is in a good condition with minimal risk to local residents and their properties, it has been handed back to the site operator


  • NFRS will continue to carry out site visits over the weekend


  • Due to the significant reduction in smoke emissions, air quality visits are no longer required
  • Now that the fire is extinguished it poses no risk to the health of local residents
  • Throughout the incident no local residents contacted their GP with health concerns due to smoke exposure
  • Residents are advised that if they can no longer smell or see any smoke they can open windows and doors to ventilate their house
  • When the ash is completely cold it will need to be tested. This is standard practice to determine the impact on the local environment and community


Notes to editors

This is a multi-agency response involving the following agencies:

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service

King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council

Norfolk County Council 

Environment Agency

Public Health England

Norfolk Police 


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