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Plumis Automist facilitates open plan design in terraced property
written by PlumisAutomist on the 21st May 2017 at 22:05

Plumis Automist has been used to provide an innovative, best value fire protection solution in a loft conversion in a terraced property in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire. Creative In/Exteriors, the local accredited Automist installers, installed the system to facilitate a contemporary open plan design whilst at the same time complying with Building Regulations. The means of escape was on the ground floor onto an open plan kitchen and dining room and as a compensatory alternative Building Regulations required an active fire suppression system such as sprinklers. The property owner was disinclined to do this because of budget considerations and the danger of accidental discharge which could seriously affect the fabric of the property and the fixtures and fittings. A suggested alternative was to create an enclosed lobby using a fire door but, equally, Mr Evans was reluctant to compromise the open plan design. A third option was to reconfigure the staircase but this would have proved expensive and intrusive.

Builders, Berkamstead Loft Conversions suggested Automist as an innovative and unobtrusive solution. It only uses 10% of the water required for a conventional sprinkler system and fitted seamlessly into this project. Furthermore, it delivers rapid and automatic fire suppression. The installation is neat and economical reducing the need for costly pipework and the disruption associated with a traditional sprinkler system.

Mr Evans was pleased with the fact that Automist enabled him to maintain the desired design of his property. He would definitely use the Automist system again and would recommend it to others with similar requirements.
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