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Wolf Lane: Dramatic Blaze Leaves Four People Homeless
written by on the 05th June 2011 at 11:53

On 03 June 2011, a serious blaze occurred in a house in Wolf Lane, Windsor. The time of call was 00-29 hours and the four occupants heard a smoke alarm sounding. A television is believed to have caught fire, spreading to curtains and then rapidly throughout the house. Fortunately the residents evacuated safely through doors and windows. The incident became a ‘make pumps four’ plus an Arial appliance and a control unit. Crews were at the scene until approximately 04-00 hours. Several re-inspections and a salvage operation took place during that day.

The fire was initially so intense that only external firefighting operations could safely be undertaken. The neighbouring properties were in severe danger of igniting too and the swift actions of fire crews saved those properties. The affected property was severely damaged by fire and smoke and was inhabitable-the four tenants lost many of their possessions.

The rapid attendance of the Windsor crew will undoubtedly have been a factor in keeping this dramatic fire in check. In a fire situation, time equates to life risk and damage to property.

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