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The Wolf Lane Blaze: A Letter of Thanks
written by on the 13th June 2011 at 10:19

The crews at Windsor fire station received the following letter of thanks dated 10 June 2011 from residents in Wolf Lane, Windsor. Their neighbours experienced a catastrophic fire which left four people homeless.

Dear Firefighters,

With regard to the devastating fire next door to my property at No 64 Wolf Lane, we wish to thank yourselves and your colleagues from all the other stations attending that night, for your professional and sympathetic handling of a very traumatic experience.

In our opinion the prompt response from the Windsor crew undoubtedly saved our property from severe fire damage and the car parked on the drive of No 64 from exploding and causing God knows what damage.

We are pushing the fight to retain Windsor station as a 24 hour service as we are sure that any delay in attendance from surrounding stations would have made a very bad situation worse.

Thanking you all again.

Linda and Adam

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