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Fake WannaCry emails demanding payment
written by ActionFraud's blog on the 22nd June 2018 at 14:54

Action Fraud has received almost 300 reports in the past two days about fake WannaCry emails that demand payment from victims in Bitcoins. 

The WannaCry emails are designed to cause panic and trick you into believing that your computer is infected with WannaCry ransomware.  

In reality the emails are just a phishing exercise to try and extort money. The emails claim that all of your devices were hacked and your files will be deleted unless you pay a fine to the fraudsters in Bitcoin.

Taking advantage 

In May last year, WannaCry ransomware hit headlines after the NHS and other organisations globally were infected with the virus. 
This isn’t the first time fraudsters have used WannaCry as a way to trick people. Last year we also saw reports from victims who received pop-ups on their computers that claimed they had been infected with WannaCry. The pop-ups asked people to call a phone number that led to Tech-Support scammers.
In the same month, fraudsters also used the global WannaCry ransomware attack as a hook to try and get people to click on the links within this clever BT branded phishing email.

How to protect yourself

• Do not email the fraudsters or make the payment in Bitcoin. 

• Additionally you should always update your Anti-Virus software and operating systems regularly and follow our advice on how to deal with ransomware

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