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Helping Those in Need
written by CC Dave Thompson on the 02nd February 2018 at 9:18

We can be a highly effective force at preventing crime and protecting the public but we will fail if we are not seen as providing good caring service or being fair to those we protect.

In the next two years there will be a stronger focus now on making sure we understand how our services feel if you receive them (quality) and making sure we are fair in how people are treated (fairness). This needs some reflection by us all

I want to see us all:

  • Recognising that important things are not the same as urgent things: We are treating too many calls as urgent and not responding as effectively as we could to important ones.
  • Making sure we are reliable as well as speedy. When we say we will do something we should.
  • Never leaving the public carrying obvious risk; but that is not the same as doing things “just in case” or to “cover my back” but it’s not leaving them waiting for us if they could be in harm’s way.
  • Using our judgement and values on what is important – not just the process or grades.
  • Using the value ‘I challenge and address poor service’ to address things when they are not good enough.

Before Christmas I saw a call of an elderly man stuck in a stair lift at his home. His wife called us as she could not get him out and no carer could be summoned until the following morning. I was delighted to see the Inspector intervene and ensure we sent someone. It is absolutely not our job, but then it is nobody’s job and someone in need was at risk of harm if we did not go. We have to be there for this as our legitimacy depends upon it.

Expect to see work beginning soon to emphasise how we expect you to offer quality service and seeing how we test if we are doing this. We will be sampling more of the public to seek their experience. I intend to increase mystery shopper activity by involving the public in testing our service.

This year also sees more of our fairness in policing programme where we will use well established principles of procedural justice to ensure we are much smarter in ensuring all our behaviour promotes fairness in how we deal with the public. There are skills for us all to learn as we may not all be as fair as we think.

In 2018 we are all going to walk more frequently in the public’s shoes.

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