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We will get the basics right and we will support the force in driving improvement
written by CC Dave Thompson on the 04th June 2018 at 7:51

2018/19 will be a significant year for Commercial Services. My team are leading, delivering or supporting lots of large WMP2020 projects as well as maintaining their commitment to business as usual.

WMP can only continue to operate effectively and efficiently if my team make sure all of our ‘assets’ are to the right standard, in the right place at the right time. Assets are our physical resources, be that vehicles, budget, equipment, buildings, systems, etc. That’s what my team do.

Neil Chamberlain 57918Acting Director of Commercial Services.

Neil Chamberlain, Director of Commercial Services.

The force is making a lot of changes at a fast pace which is both challenging and exciting. I recognise that at times over the last few months the high standards I expect from my services have not always been met and we may have let you down. That’s why for this year the focus is simple. We will get the basics right and we will support the force in driving improvement.

We’ll be supporting the continuing rollout of mobility devices, Taser and body worn video as well as many IT system replacement and upgrades.

The Estates Strategy will be developed further and although this will be a six year journey, you will start to see the first significant improvements including a revamped Park Lane, which will house a brand new Events Control Suite. The Eastern custody suite will follow once a site is agreed.

Now that our supplies of uniform have been replenished, a full review of the suitability of uniform and equipment will take place. My aim is to ensure we take advantage of new developments so our officers have what they need to carry out their duties while playing our part in standardising our kit with that of UK policing.

I will be working with the PCC to set a clear financial plan for the next three years which maps our ambition to maximising the funding we receive while continuing to influence the national debate to increase our funding by demonstrating our ability to drive efficiency…for which we have a great track record.

I will also be challenging the force to be more commercial in its approach. I’m aiming for us to increase our ability to generate external income and I’ll be encouraging all of you to contribute your thoughts and ideas on how we might do that. The voice of our staff is really important to me; I need your constructive feedback and if you think there are opportunities we are not looking at or if something’s not working as it should then let me know about it!

I’m sure you’re all aware of our limited financial resources, but we have a tremendous record of demonstrating how efficient we can be. I will still be striving to continue that efficient approach but I also want us to be more innovative as we prepare for life beyond WMP2020 and look towards significant events such as Coventry: City of Culture and the Commonwealth Games. I’ll be facilitating that innovation and working with you to keep WMP at the forefront of UK policing.

So this year will be about delivering on our promise to get the basics right, but also to deliver the significant change and improvements that you would expect and deserve from my team.

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