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My first year as an ACC but my core values have remained unchanged
written by CC Dave Thompson on the 08th June 2018 at 9:53

When I joined 27 years ago, I had no family link to policing but like so many people I have met along the way I was attracted to α career in policing as it looked exciting, there was variety and I wanted to make α positive difference to people’s lives.  As I have grown (much!) older, and I hope (a little) wiser, my core values have remained unchanged; a strong desire to protect vulnerable people, bringing a focus on intervention and to deliver through the talented teams I have the privilege of leading.

Our organisation is full of really talented people who care deeply about the public that we serve. This makes me really ambitious in terms of what we can achieve.

As you’d imagine, I have been considering what the forces ambition plan means to me and how through my portfolio areas I can deliver on my objectives, and the ones where I am working with fellow FET members.

My portfolio consists of Response, Force Contact, CMPG and Operations covering many important areas of delivery within our Force Ambition Plan.  The areas that I would like to highlight through this blog are those that resonate most strongly for me and my values.


Helping those most vulnerable

As I set out at the start, to protect those in our communities is a core reason for me joining and remaining in the police service.  I am confident that most people who work here will have said something similar in their recruitment interview – whatever role they were applying for.  Our service holds a unique role in placing itself between those who need protection and those that seek to exploit, this uniqueness is something I am very proud of and witness almost every day with exceptional acts of bravery and kindness delivered by our team.

The objective of identifying vulnerability and dealing with it is a key one for me.  It brings all elements of our service together, including; call handling, response, investigation and CJ so that we can critically review our approach, search for effective practice and deliver consistently to protect the most vulnerable and improve the satisfaction people have in us.


Dealing with today’s business today

The second area I want to highlight is one of pace.  This is about all of us – not just response…

There has been a huge amount of change in how we work over the last two years.  We are agile, we have some great equipment, the list of available mobile capabilities continues to grow, led by staff who are properly engaged in the business.  We have transformed how we can work.

The challenge now is one of maximizing the opportunities that the new teams and technologies offer.  There is plenty of evidence, and as professionals we instinctively know, that getting to incidents quickly, doing a great job and taking steps to ensure that there is no repetition offers the best service to the victim, leads to arrests and positive outcomes and will increase the trust and confidence our communities have in us.  To deliver this I will be working across my portfolio to ensure we are getting the right information to identify opportunity, grading appropriately, maximizing our use of intelligence and securing all the available benefits of mobile data.


Empowered teams

The final area relates to how we will do our business.  I am in no doubt that we have a great workforce committed to delivering excellent service and that our people not only know what the problems are but more importantly how we can solve them.  I see a significant part of my role being to provide an environment where people flourish, where ideas are welcomed and we are willing to experiment, fail, adapt and try again

This is a priority this year and we will be seeing an increase in engagement, employee voice and opportunities to step  forward and make change.

The ambition plan is really important to me.  It focuses our thoughts on what we are going to achieve this year… and gives a clear oversight of what is important.  I will be working really closely with my leadership teams to keep us on track on this, my first year as an ACC.

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