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Crimestoppers is more than a telephone number
written by Crimestoppers on the 06th April 2017 at 14:17

James Reed - VolunteerJames Reed is in the final year of a degree in Criminology, as part of which he successfully secured a work placement at Crimestoppers.

Find out about his experiences during his time spent at Crimestoppers.

Whilst starting my final year of a BA Criminology degree at the University of Greenwich, I was told about all the different options for a work placement; this would be perfect for vital experience needed to land a post-graduate job. Whilst reading up about all the different options for my work placement, Crimestoppers jumped out at me as being the best suited for me – Crimestoppers would offer me hands-on experience with a huge charity.

As a volunteer at Crimestoppers I was given the opportunity to work with a wide range of people working in different roles within the charity, from the youth team to the press office. This has given me an insight to the various roles that make up a successful charity. During my placement I worked with computing software I would never have used anywhere else; I was given the opportunity to write blogs (like this one!) and upload them to the Crimestoppers blog page, and I visited the call bureau to get an understanding of the work of perhaps the most well-known aspect of Crimestoppers.

I enjoyed working with the Fearless youth team, as there is a sense of it being an entirely different charity within Crimestoppers, although the Fearless brand is perhaps not as recognisable as Crimestoppers at the moment. As I was just starting my work placement, the Fearless team was promoting its brand with the Fame by Fearless talent contest. It was interesting to see what techniques they use to promote the brand of Fearless and to see what work is done ‘behind the scenes’ of a youth brand like Fearless.

As my time at Crimestoppers drew to an end I understood the importance of the charity and the service that Crimestoppers offers is much more than just the famous telephone number.

The people that work at Crimestoppers were extremely welcoming and friendly to me. This put me at ease when I first started. Whilst undergoing my placement I was given full access to everything and was given the same jobs as the staff would be carrying out. I was given a really detailed understanding of what working for Crimestoppers would be like.

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