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3 Crimestoppers Projects Where Volunteers Made A Difference
written by Crimestoppers on the 02nd June 2017 at 16:39

Volunteering at Crimestoppers is an experience unlike volunteering at any other charity. Recently, the roles that you can do as a Crimestoppers volunteer have diversified. While we still have important roles for volunteers in local committees, volunteers are also involved in developing awareness and crime prevention projects. There were too many projects to list them all here but, for inspiration, we’ve picked out 3 projects supported and/or carried out by our student volunteers in 2016/2017:

‘Making a change in the community ‘with ‘Project Shadow’ in Birmingham

Volunteers Nosheen and Nelam studied Criminology at university. Nosheen started volunteering for Crimestoppers during her gap year and Nelam joined Crimestoppers as a volunteer while studying for her MA in International Relations. As part of Project Shadow, they focused on honour-based violence, female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced marriages.

Nosheen says: “Working on Project Shadow has opened up new views and helped me realise that there is a need for change. People need to be aware of these issues. We want to reach out to those people who have become a victim of these crimes, or know anybody who is, and tell them that they are not alone. Being a part of Crimestoppers has helped me meet some amazing people who want things to change and want to help people too.”

Nelam says: “The passion I feel to reduce crime motivated me to work on Project Shadow. Many survivors of these crimes are shunned by their community and families, making it harder to seek refuge and live on a daily basis. They are hidden crimes because there is not much education or media coverage on it. I would like Project Shadow to give the survivors the courage to speak out as well as the determination to come forward.

I would encourage more young adults of all races become volunteers for Crimestoppers as it’s such a rewarding experience and they can inspire the next generation.”

Inspired to start your own community project? Contact our volunteering team.

Students working for students with ‘SaferU’ in Nottingham

Working with other volunteers and Crimestoppers staff, students Amy, James and Daniel developed ‘SaferU’. SaferU was a two-year campaign aimed at protecting students from crime, particularly theft.

Find out more about SaferU

Giving a voice to 11-16 year olds with ‘Fearless’

Crimestoppers’ long term youth project, Fearless, is for young people across the UK. Fearless empowers 11-16 years olds to give information about crime anonymously. Lots of our volunteers have helped Fearless to reach new audiences, including:

– Taseen, who researched child sexual exploitation, gathering information about who is more vulnerable and the signs to look for

– Yusuf, who met with youth workers and police officers to talk about youth crime prevention and share ideas

– Monica, who learned about raising awareness techniques and their positive effect on educating young people about the impact of wrongdoing and attended a Fearless training session for youth workers

Find out more about Fearless


Feel inspired to suggest your own community project and learn new skills like project management and design? Contact our volunteering team they will put you in touch with someone from your local area.

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