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Five tips to staying safe at summer festivals
written by Crimestoppers on the 20th June 2017 at 9:03

Hands in the air at a festival

Crimestoppers volunteer Charlotte Wilson loves her festivals, and put together this guide to staying safe for us.

We’re all looking forward to summer, with brighter mornings, longer evenings and hopefully some sun! The keen festival goers among us, including myself, will be planning our summer weekends away to see our favourite bands and acts. But it is also important to make sure we take precautions to prevent ourselves from becoming victims of crime at these festivals.

Here are five tips to help you stay safe this summer:

1. Leave valuables at home

Instead of taking an expensive camera, take a cheap disposable one, as it will be less attractive to a thief and won’t be too much of a loss if you lose it.

Consider taking an old phone or a cheap Pay-As-You-Go as for similar reasons – it will be less likely to get stolen and won’t cost much if you lose it. It’s also sensible to use secure lockers if they’re available, to keep safe any valuables you do have to take. If lockers aren’t available, make sure you keep your valuables on you at all times in a secure bag – don’t leave them in your tent, as it’s impossible to make a tent completely secure.

Also, keep a note of your bank’s emergency number, so you can tell them if your cards are stolen.

Tents at a festival

2. Find a well-lit plot

When you arrive at the campsite, choose a well-lit plot near the zone managers’ site or close to a fire tower. Make friends with the campsite staff, and if possible ask them to keep an eye on your tent.

3. Agree on a meeting point

This comes from personal experience of when I lost a friend at a festival. Agree on a meeting point in case you get lost or lose a friend in the crowds. This save you from panicking and rushing around the site looking for your friend(s). Also make sure you keep your phone charged – most festivals have mobile phone charging points on site.

4. Know what you’re drinking

Only buy alcohol from official festival bars – don’t accept alcohol from strangers. Also, make sure you never leave your drink unattended.

5. Never assume it won’t happen to you

Don’t take any unnecessary chances – contact on-site police or festival security immediately if you become a victim of crime.

Finally, if you see or know of any criminal activity, contact the police – or, alternatively, get in touch with us anonymously on the Crimestoppers number: 0800 555 111 or via our online form.

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