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My journey to a career in crime prevention
written by Crimestoppers on the 17th August 2017 at 11:48

Nina volunteers for Crimestoppers in our central office and also volunteers regularly with her local magistrates’ court. Here she talks to us about her interest in crime prevention.

NinaI’ve been volunteering at Crimestoppers for a few months now to get an insight into how the British justice system works, but the idea of becoming a criminologist has captivated me since I was 16. I think it runs in the family: one of my grandparents used to be chief of Skopje police station in Macedonia! When I lived in Bulgaria I heard about corruption every day. Motivated to make a difference in society, I started preparing myself for a career in crime prevention when I was at school

People who work to solve crimes have to be curious and comfortable with uncertainties

I began to take additional classes in maths and psychology to improve my critical thinking and deductive reasoning. Ethics, law and sociology classes have served as a good introduction to criminology. Every year my school (together with the police crime department) organised a drug abuse prevention conference. I was fascinated to participate. I achieved a greater understanding of combat strategies against organized crime and improved my presentation skills. Criminology is an intellectually stimulating field that allows people with curious minds to thrive. Much of the work of criminologists involves researching uncertainties. I was chosen to represent my school in an annual contest about youth mayor and regional council because of my ability to speak well in public. The subjects we discussed included society, safety and security. All of this gave me a good understanding of how public institutions help build the structure of government and help the citizens.

The surprising link between photography skills and spotting detail at a crime scene

My hobbies and interests have helped to prepare me for a job working with the police. Being involved in sport has made me focused, dedicated and hard working. From an early age, I have practiced fencing. This has helped me to gain good coordination, concentration and self-confidence. Over the years fencing has shaped my personality and has provided me with a positive outlook when facing hurdles in life. This will help me in the future when I face problems at work that I need to solve. Photography is also my passion and the world I explore through it always sparks my curiosity. Behind the camera I have developed a sense for hidden details in a forever changing environment: this is a skill often required at crime scenes.

My law student older brother has inspired me

My family support and encourage me to pursue my ambitions. My older brother has bachelor degree of law and he is about to finish his Master of Law degree at UCL. He is like a role model to me and he always motivates me to develop myself and show my full potential.

After I left school I attended criminology workshops at police open days. This made me realize that I am the right person to work for the police. While at Crimestoppers I hope to be able to gain more insights that will help me as I prepare for career in the police.

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