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7 ways to stay safe at Notting Hill Carnival
written by Crimestoppers on the 25th August 2017 at 11:58


Europe’s biggest street party, Notting Hill Carnival returns this weekend. It’s one of the most anticipated events of the summer where you can expect to see steel bands, flamboyant costumes and experience great food and entertainment. Taking place on August 26,27 & 28, most of the festival’s two million plus revellers will have a safe and enjoyable visit to London. Make sure your carnival experience is as positive as it can be with our 7 safety tips:

Night tube? Taxi? Bus? Plan your route home before you set off

Lots of people will be travelling to and from London during the two days of Carnival. Public transport may be busier than normal. Don’t be tempted to take an unlicensed taxi or to walk an unfamiliar route. Check the TFL website (or @TFLTrafficNews on Twitter for road updates) before you travel and plan your journey in advance.

Those landmarks can come in handy! Set a meeting point

With all that dancing and jumping about you might lose family or friends in the crowd. Agree a meeting point before the festivities start and then you can reunite if you get separated.

Blocked up? Stay clear!

As Carnival is a busy event, roads sometimes get congested or blocked. Minimise your chance of getting pickpocketed: wait for crowds to clear before you go ahead.

If you’re not a Pearly King, leave the bling at home

Just bring the essentials – some cash, keys, sunscreen and an old mobile phone. Leave expensive jewellery, camera gear and electronic devices at home if you can. Flashy items can tempt opportunistic thieves.

Be alcohol aware

If you choose to drink, be aware of your cup, can or bottle – always keep it in your sights. Punch is a popular alcoholic drink at Carnival: the alcohol content of this homemade drink can vary. If your group is planning to drive later that day then make sure you have a designated driver.

Know your Carnival route

Keeping safe is much easier if you know which facilities are in the area and where you can go to take a breather or get some help. A map of the 2017 route and sound system is available here: download it before you go as mobile signal at Carnival can be patchy.

Little Carnival goers: Stay safe with children at Carnival

Sunday is Family Day at Carnival and is the best day to visit Notting Hill with children. Arrive early: you don’t want your children getting separated in the crowds! If your child does get separated from you make sure they know that they can talk to one of the many Police Officers that will be in attendance.

Useful links

Carnival 2017 Route Map

TFL Notting Hill Carnival Guidance

If you know of anyone planning to commit a crime at Notting Hill Carnival, or have any information about crime during event itself, you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or complete our anonymous online form.

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