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Paradise & Paupers
written by McNoddy on the 06th November 2017 at 0:26

I should have written this blog in April on my return from a glorious week in Barcelona.  

Much has happened since, not least in Catalonia's Capital.

However, my observation then is even more pertinent in the wake* of the issue of the #paradisepapers.

So just what did I observe?

On a pleasantly warm day, Mrs McNoddy and I promenaded down by the marina in Barcelona. The 'yachts' were resplendent in the sunshine each, and everyone, flying their port of registration flag denoting a puzzling 'home port' in the British West Indies. Well, it's not really puzzling if you follow the money. 

Just yards (sorry metres) away numerous presumably migrant individuals were dodging the local Guardia Urbana and Mossos patrols as they laid out their pitiful wares onto their flattened swag bags on the sidewalk leading to the beach area.

The contrast was jarring and sobering.

(* apologies for the 'unintentional' nautical pun) 

BTW - Trident renewal is an anachronistic and abhorrent aberration.  
Saor Alba. 

© McNoddy 
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