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Unreasonable? Critical? Me?
written by RetiredAndAngry on the 24th January 2017 at 12:15

I have been ‘accused’ on another forum of being unreasonable in my criticism of Theresa May.

Initially I, along with others, had an issue with her £1,000 pair of leather trousers worn for a press interview.  He trousers, and jumper, were by Amanda Wakely, and her trainers by Mulberry.  Not one piece of this attire was cheap, or reasonably priced.

Yesterday she was wearing a jacket by Vivienne Westwood.  I have no idea of its worth, but again, I doubt it was cheap.  It was not new, she has worn it before, but not cheap

This is not the first, or only, time that Mrs May has been seen sporting Vivienne Westwood, she appears to be somewhat of a favourite.

I have not defected to the Fashion Police, nor would I normally take any notice whatsoever of what somebody is wearing.  I am completely oblivious to fashion labels, just ask Mrs Angry, she can confirm this.

What I do object to most vigourously is this.

Mrs May now heads a party that has waged a ruthless war on ordinary people.  If you are not a toff, investment banker, CEO of a security company or private healthcare provider you are not worthy.  Ordinary people have not seen a meaningful pay rise for 5 years or more, or worse, may even have seen their pay reduced.

The Tories, in coalition guise, came to power in 2010, and you don’t need me to remind you of all the various ‘reforms’ they have put in place since.  Most of us have an opinion on those reforms.

What has this got to do with Cruella’s Dress Sense I hear you ask.

The answer is this

Since 2012 the number of people/families using Food Banks has increased by a factor of very nearly FIVE.

For the WHOLE of 2011-2012 the figure was 128,697.

In April to September 2012 113,264 people were using Food Banks.

In April to September 2016 this number had increased to 519,343

So I ask you, next time I find Mrs May’s choice of outfit inappropriate, am  really being so unreasonable?

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