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FED still in denial
written by Tales from the Metropolis on the 06th June 2016 at 23:27

The Police Federation of England and Wales have started to E mail its members. I hadn't heard from our hardy band of firebrand representatives for some time. I did check my pay slip .They are  still taking my subs so I assumed they still existed.This flurry of activity is no doubt due to the recent Federation jolly at Bournemouth in which the Fed Reps at assorted levels assemble on Fed expenses and as the highlight for a few days by the sea invite the Home secretary to attend and generously give her a platform for a speech which basically  rubs their noses in it....again.

The Chairman sends these E mails out proclaiming previous 'success ' at damage limitation in negotiations of the introductions in Government change. They will probably get around to ripping that up at the next round of negotiation.The latest E mail is a survey asking us about our opinions on Pay and conditions. Even if every Fed member filled it in....and we know it would be an overwhelming 'its s**t and getting worse' what are the FED going to do with it ? Armed with the figures at the next negotiating table what hand do the FED play? The FED blinked some time ago. They have been truly sussed...

Some reasons my opinion

1. Despite a majority ( albeit a relatively small majority) in the on-line poll for a push for the right to strike they 'bottled it' claiming issues around turnout .... blah blah blah...
2. Some sections of the FED allowed a short spat between an officer and an arrogant and rude politician to be some form of 'cause celebre'
2. They allowed a Fed generated review of staff opinions on the FED to be hijacked by the Home Office.

They are just amateurs against seasoned Pros

I would rather they spent every penny of my subs ( and they do have the money ) and lived out of a rented prefab hut if they sought advice ( I know it wont come cheap) get paid skilled professional lobbyists, use both UK and EU law and those who can exploit it

Police/enforcement agencies in other countries seem to do this, .... achieve success...society doesn't collapse....why not us ?

I ranted about this last year.......sadly for the FED they don't move on despite the bubble they used to live in having been popped some time ago
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