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What do you expectorate?
written by Tales from the Metropolis on the 12th September 2016 at 20:31

I was reading the Evening standard on the commute home last week and saw a small article saying the Met had decide to trial the so called spit hoods on a selection of Boroughs.
The discussion on  use of spit hoods has been bouncing around the Met, off and on, for years. As expected the SLT at the higher levels huffed and puffed. Anecdotally its rumoured one of the SLT asked if we were expected to wear the hoods!!!!
Any way it came as no surprise that the usual suspects  came out bleating with weapons grade handwringing angst.
Leading the pack were Liberty ( as ever )
Apparently Martha Spurrier is quoted as saying 'A spit hood is a  primitive cruel and degrading tool  that inspires fear and anguish'
So is being gobbed on.
Frankly it came as NOOOOO! surprise there was a U turn as our new mayor and MOPAC threw the usual politics into this and our Management ( sorry.... Leadership) rolled over as only they can.
Usual excuses made.
'The Metropolitan Police service has listened to concerns and will consult further before starting any pilot'
I bet the listening wasn't to officers having  to deal with  our saliva driven customer base.
We should have a concerted media outreach to allay fears
Keep it simple, the message ' No Spitty Hoody'
No excuses for subsequent offenders

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What do you expectorate? Posted on 12th September 2016