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The IPCC tries again
written by Tales from the Metropolis on the 25th November 2016 at 20:16

The determination of the IPCC to nail a police firearms officer continues unabated.

They have referred the shooting of Jermaine Baker to the  CPS. An incident well covered by the media following an incident in Wood Green last year

I can understand the concept of a referral. A male has been shot and has died and a police officer fired the shot.

However the use of the words 'an indication' a criminal offence has been committed'  is somewhat vague.

As a police officer I would be given short shrift if I submitted a file to the CPS stating there was an 'indication ' an offence was committed. They want a WHOLE lot more than that.

Reading into this it seems the IPCC want to pass the buck upstairs to the CPS and not make a decision themselves.

As I have made clear in my previous posts about this organisation I don't believe the I stands for Independent and it certainly isn't for Impartial 

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