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written by The Justice of the Peace on the 28th March 2018 at 12:25

The case of the black cab rapist today took another turn insofar as the Parole Board has been criticised for its earlier decision to grant him early release under license.  The details are available in many media for those few who are unaware.  My point, however, is that the Board was accused of being secretive by the High Court which overturned the original decision.  It said that justice must be "open".  Perhaps the same criterion will be applied to the lower courts where if HMCTS has its way increasing numbers of cases will be tried by video and where single justices in a closed courtroom or office will hear bundles of seemingly "simple" cases; eg failure to pay council tax or TV license.  Some motoring cases will also be tried in similar fashion. Somehow I doubt it.

To my recollection in all the years I was an active JP I can recall only two cases of "theft by keeping". This report in the Mirror offers a simple explanation. 

Virtually everyone who drives regularly will have had the experience of receiving a ticket for parking on a yellow line.  It seems if one is in Suffolk such a transgression is likely to go unpunished
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