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written by The Justice of the Peace on the 08th May 2018 at 12:13

Six months ago I posted on the benefits of the workhouse if the Victorian model were updated for the 21st century. The situation over the weekend at a special sitting of Nottingham Magistrates Court was just another example of what courts nationwide see every day; it is a disgrace to the society we live in which we are told by politicians of various hues is the 5th largest economy in the world.  During my lifetime since the end of WW2 this country that stood alone for a year against Hitler has been unable to harness the strengths of its people to do in peacetime what they did in war.  That is not the fault of the people but of those of Left and Right who since then have mismanaged the economy.  There is currently a BBC programme on what was the world`s most innovative aircraft manufacturer.  I recollect as a young child my father taking me to see the then largest passenger plane in the world; the Bristol Brabazon. It never was more than a prototype because its piston engine power was about to be superseded by jet propeller power.  Then the same company produced the Bristol Britannia a jet prop airliner in which I have flown which was rendered obsolete by the incoming Boeing 707 also in which I have been a passenger. The tale continues right up to Concorde  which was much too small via the Comet in which I also flew. The car industry suffered similar decline as did myriad other industries where poor management and myopic reasoning prevailed.  And so it is with social measures to limit the headlong plunge to penury and misery of a persistent small percentage of the population. Surely it doesn`t take a would be Marxist power to the people follower of Castro and all things anti historic to wake us up to the mismanagement of current social thinking. Bending over backwards to avoid giving offence to every Tom, Dick, Harry, Tommasina or Harriet leads to a broken spine.  Taking penniless addicted or non addicted individuals through a courts system which has been emasculated serves no purpose except to highlight the complete disassociation of those in charge and the population being served. Our social care system in all its aliases is broken. So once again I ask why there should not be re-established a nationwide series of workhouses where the dregs of the law breaking miscreants currently brought through the courts can be legally held in secure accommodation until such time as their release would be to their benefit and society`s as a whole? 
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