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written by The Justice of the Peace on the 23rd October 2018 at 12:40

Further evidence as if any were needed that the decimation of finances for policing is changing generations` habits of our police being regarded as with us rather than as in many jurisdictions  with them is shown by the recent but little publicised announcement by the Chief Constables` Council that the honest citizen`s instinct to hand in lost valuables at their nearest police station will be rebuffed. This decision is hoped to save £1.5 million annually although how such numbers can be predicted beats me. I suppose time and motion studies can conjure up any number that`s wanted. I am sure that I am not alone when as a child I found a banknote in the street and my parent said we must take it to the police station.  I doubt that many parents would have had such advice in recent times. The police, of course, are spouting the same old story about focusing scarce resources on areas of highest concern to ensure the public are kept safe.  

Breakdown in society does not necessarily come about by riots, marches, terrorism or even political corruption: it occurs when public faith in the administration of the nuts and bolts of our society leads to a feeling of impotence by Tom, Dick and Harriot. It is already happening in policing where attitudes similar to those of black Americans will spread to all areas and all sub groups of our society.  As a Conservative IMHO this is all as a result of unbridled rampaging capitalism being allowed to gorge itself beyond healthy limits.  It has allowed those ignorant of the effects of Marxism to follow a cult leader like the children followed the pied piper.  Just call me JP aka Jeremiah`s Prophesies. 
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