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Thank Goodness for Thick Crims (2008)
written by thestation-sergeants-blog on the 13th October 2012 at 9:18

I almost feel sorry for the two Australian robbers who attempted to hold up a bar in Sydney last week, only to find that it was staging a Hells’ Angels convention.  One was ‘restrained’ by the customers and the other was arrested later, though it is unclear whether he was found gibbering behind a nearby coolabar tree or maybe the bikers eventually got fed up with towing him round the saloon behind a Harley Davidson.  I presume that most robbers try to do some homework first, checking out their potential targets, working out the optimum time for a strike and then carrying out with ruthless efficiency. So maybe they just got the date wrong and didn’t notice several choppers and a seething throng of tattooed blokes in leathers.  Some of our local blaggers on my beat a while back were quite outstanding in their lack of preparation and foresight.  They spent an entire weekend drilling their way into a bank from an adjoining cellar only to find that the bank itself had been closed for the preceding month for renovation.  Thank goodness for thick criminals; it makes our lives so much easier.

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