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Urban Hillbillies and Banjo Players (2008)
written by thestation-sergeants-blog on the 28th October 2012 at 11:53

  • Like the rest of the country I was delighted and, admittedly, surprised when nine year old Shannon Matthews was found alive in West Yorkshire.  In the preceding 24 days, however, the national press had excelled itself in its double standards; columnists routinely trumpeting their statutory ‘I grew up on a council estate and had it rough; kick one of us and we all limp’ credentials, whilst also sniggering at the lives and loves of the underclass that had been dragged from under its collective stone and exposed to the cold light of day.  Much was made of Karen Matthews’ seven children by five fathers, including her apparent definition of twins was two children from the same male bed partner.  The extended tribe of spongers and unemployables who appeared in the background of news reports with monotonous regularity was spectacularly comical.  “I’m on the phone to some other b*gger” snarled one female to the reporter when he asked for her opinion on the happy news of Shannon’s rescue.  When he knocked on the door of the family hovel for an interview, he was roundly told to **** off.  A clearly audible exchange of views between a strident female and an educationally-challenged male ended with her telling him to get out and face the cameras “…because you’re the one with t’ gift of t’ gab”, leaving the poor lad with the daunting task of saying something meaningful that contained a few words with two or more syllables and no swearing.  The image of West Yorkshire portrayed to the rest of the world by this bunch of urban hillbillies and banjo-players would certainly not encourage me to get on the M1 and travel North except for one depressing thing.  Everywhere you go in this country you meet the same miserable collection of deadbeats, dressed the same, sounding the same and living the same worthless lifestyles.  We know this because we have to police them, day in, day out.  Welcome to our world.

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