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Don't panic Captain Mainwaring... (2008)
written by thestation-sergeants-blog on the 28th October 2012 at 11:50

  • The State Nannies strike again. This time, they have told the armed forces that it is too dangerous to go out in uniform around town for a drink so if they want to relax they have to get a six pack from the NAAFI and head for the nearest air raid shelter.  These same desk warriors happily send troops out on the streets of Basra or the dusty byways of Helmand Province without proper equipment.  Last night, I met a group of squaddies who happen to the British Army Rugby League champions, on leave from Iraq.  They were not allowed to carry out a lap of honour at the match they were attending as guests or to venture into the local city centre after the match, in case they got attacked by some locals.  The Nannies not understand the mismatch between an elite band of professional soldiers, and a bunch of drunken morons who can barely sign their own names on a benefit claim form.  Or perhaps they do and are frightened of being held responsible for a sudden increase in the number of long-term unemployables claiming Incapacity Benefit after being planted upside down in a wheelie bin by some mysterious strangers in DPMs. 

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