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There, but for the grace of Cliff, go I….?
written by Shijuro (nearer Go-juro though...) is not georgedixon's relatively honest Blog on the 10th July 2013 at 9:56

A violent man, finally deported was unlawfully killed by the security staff that detained him…

says a civil court…

Prosecutors are to reconsider a decision not to bring charges in the case of Jimmy Mubenga after an inquest found he was unlawfully killed as he was deported from Britain.

Mubenga, 46, was on a British Airways flight bound for his native Angola when security guards noticed he was not breathing and stopped the plane on the runway.

The father-of-five later died in hospital and today an inquest jury recorded a majority verdict of unlawful killing.

After the verdict was announced, the Crown Prosecution Service said it would now reconsider its original decision not to bring criminal charges in the case.


EH??? why? is there some new evidence to consider? Some new witness statement that changes the entire stance? Or… a political over the shoulder look…as he was a black male…

What a crock…the man was kicking off…what do the G4$ boys do? Stand back and call the cops? Would we have done anything different?

I say again…AND AGAIN… if you have a police and security that have to rely on brute physical force to retrain people instead of TASER/CS hand cuffs etc… then you are going to have people dying…

It’s just that simple…

I love one of the comments….

It’s sad that he died. But the next time a fairly large fit man violently resists deportation I’d like to get a couple of journalists from The G u*rdian and the Beeb, and a human rights lawyer and say “right, now you get him on the plane”.

not just me…


LOL!!! could not have put it better myself…
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