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Books wanted for those who are in police cells, to give them some thing to do
written by Crime and Justice - UK Crime News on the 14th August 2014 at 11:30

Police  in Cambridge are appealing for members of the public to donate any spare books for use by people in custody.

The appeal by officers at Parkside police station follows a successful previous request.

Sergeant Dick Sterne said: “A similar campaign was run a few years ago with a very positive result from the public. On that occasion certain members of the public questioned why offenders should be given the privilege of reading in police cells.

“It should be remembered that a variety of people are detained at the police station including those with mental health problems and with other medical issues. Many people also come into custody who are subsequently released with no further action. The books help to occupy detainees, some of which can be in custody for up to 24 hours.

“Obviously, the books are also offered to regular offenders. However, some of these detainees are youths who have not had the opportunity of reading books during their early years. It is satisfying to see them engrossed in a book.”

People looking to contribute spare books should deliver them to the enquiry office at Parkside Police Station. Books in foreign languages are also welcome. For safety reasons, we cannot accept hardback books.

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